Je leest een boek, je wordt verliefd op de personages, je krijgt sommige ‘quotes’ niet meer uit je hoofd. Zo begon het voor ons ook, we weten niet hoeveel notitieboekjes we van de Action hebben volgeschreven met ‘quotes’ uit boeken. Sommige woorden en zinnen raken je gewoon diep in het hart of moeten we zeggen ‘feels’? De quotes die we erg mooi vinden en die ons geraakt heeft schrijven we voortaan gewoon hier zodat jullie er ook van kunnen genieten. Hebben jullie een quote uit een boek die jullie willen delen laat dan vooral een reactie achter want we zijn erg benieuwd en zouden het graag willen lezen.


  • ‘There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidently, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing,throbbing moment’ -Sarah Dessen, The truth about forever.
  • ‘You don’t get to chose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you.’ -John Green, The Fault in our Stars.
  • “The town was paper, but the memories were not.” -John Green, Papertowns.
  • “We meet. We always meet, somehow we’re always thrown together, no matter where I go, no matter how I try to distance myself from you. It never matters. You always find me.” -Lauren Kate, Fallen.
  • ‘It’s amazing how the things you remember forever are the things you’d rather forget and the things you desperately want to grasp onto seem to slip away like sand in the wind.’ -Jessica Sorenson, The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden.
  • ‘Maybe its like you said before, all of us being cracked open. Like each of us starts out as a watertight vessel. And then things happen – these people leave us, or don’t love us, or don’t get us, or we don’t get them, and we lose and fail and hurt one another. And the vessel starts to crack in places.’ -John Green, Papertowns.
  • ‘Some angels are destined to fall’. -Lauren Kate, Fallen.
  • ‘I walked past Avery. I walked past Jake. But I didn’t walk past Ryan. Because you couldn’t walk past the dead.’-Brittainy C.Cherry, Loving Mr.Daniels.
  • ‘She loved mysteries so much that she became one.’ -John Green, Papertowns.
  • ‘Stitches aren’t going to help. They fix skin, cuts, wounds, heal stuff on the outside. Everything broken with me is on the inside.’ -Jessica Sorenson, The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden.
  • ‘There were two types of mourning. There was the type when a person opened up his heart to the world, never taking anything for granted, and lived each day to the fullest. Then there was the type of mourning where a person closed off his heart to the world and lived in his own world, unable to connect to others.’ -Brittainy C.Cherry, Loving Mr.Daniels.
  • ‘His voice echoed down the halls. His voice echoed into my soul. Memories were scary, how they could break you with simply your own thoughts.’ -Brittainy C.Cherry, Loving Mr.Daniels.
  • ‘Because when people died, they took their voices with them. I wondered if they knew how much the people left behind would kill for their sounds one last time.’-Brittainy C.Cherry, Loving Mr.Daniels.
  • I’m never letting you go, Ashlyn. I’m never letting you go.”“You will! You will let me go.”My stomach twisted and I felt like I was going to vomit. He wasn’t trying to, but he was lying to me. Because everyone always let go. -Brittainy C.Cherry, Loving Mr.Daniels.

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